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Behind the Scenes – ‘The Knight Train’ Day 2

Behind the scenes photos from day two of ‘The Knight Train’ – photos courtesy of Jakub Kremski.

20140309_The_Knight_Train_day2_010 20140309_The_Knight_Train_day2_020

20140309_The_Knight_Train_day2_036 20140309_The_Knight_Train_day2_043

20140309_The_Knight_Train_day2_049 20140309_The_Knight_Train_day2_051

20140309_The_Knight_Train_day2_059 20140309_The_Knight_Train_day2_063

20140309_The_Knight_Train_day2_077 20140309_The_Knight_Train_day2_078

20140309_The_Knight_Train_day2_092 20140309_The_Knight_Train_day2_091

20140309_The_Knight_Train_day2_135 20140309_The_Knight_Train_day2_137



Behind the Scenes – ‘The Knight Train’ Day 1

Behind the scenes photos from day one of ‘The Knight Train’ – photos courtesy of Jakub Kremski.

20140308_The_Knight_Train_day1_019 20140308_The_Knight_Train_day1_038

20140308_The_Knight_Train_day1_031 20140308_The_Knight_Train_day1_060

20140308_The_Knight_Train_day1_047 20140308_The_Knight_Train_day1_054

20140308_The_Knight_Train_day1_049 20140308_The_Knight_Train_day1_086

20140308_The_Knight_Train_day1_061 20140308_The_Knight_Train_day1_068

20140308_The_Knight_Train_day1_087 20140308_The_Knight_Train_day1_092

20140308_The_Knight_Train_day1_103 20140308_The_Knight_Train_day1_104


It’s A Wrap

And that’s a wrap on ‘The Knight Train’. A huge thank you to all our cast and crew  for all their hard work. And here’s a bit of on set “dancing” by co-director Lee Scott last weekend – animated gif courtesy of Jakub Kremski.


‘Hello?’ Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes photos from ‘Hello?’ courtesy of Jakub Kremski

IMG_6185 IMG_6247

IMG_6349 IMG_6460

IMG_6360 IMG_6440

‘The Knight Train’ – We Are Now Fully Funded


Yay!!! We have reached our goal on Pledge Me and ‘The Knight Train’ is now fully funded. Thank you so much to everyone who pledged and for all the support we have received from everyone. With all your help we will be able to make this project a reality. And a big thanks to everyone who has offered their time for the pre-production and the shoot days.

And Thats a Wrap

And thats a wrap on ‘Hello?’. Thanks to our awesome cast and crew who all volunteered their time to make this possible. Now onto the edit suite.

Behind the scenes photos to follow so stay tuned…

Welcome Aboard ‘The Knight Train’ Craig Hutchison


Cut to the Dog Productions is proud to announce a partnership with CAS ‘n’ OVA Productions for the ‘The Knight Train’.

We are also thrilled to welcome aboard Craig Hutchison as a producer for ‘The Knight Train’.