The Origins of “The Knight Train” by Tasha Sharp

The Origins of ‘The Knight Train’

I always find it funny when people ask me how ‘The Knight Train’ came about, because it almost didn’t get written.  I sat down to write one night, after a long period of time when I hadn’t written anything, with the intention of working on a novel which was halfway done.  I stared and stared at the computer and the words just wouldn’t come.  So, as in all these matters, I turned to my husband to have a bit of a whinge about my writer’s block.  Instead of indulging this, he suggested I should write a short film about something happy and light, instead of my usual depressing stuff.  And, after much discussion and endless cups of tea, ‘The Knight Train’ was born.

I wanted to write something which showed that age was not a barrier for friendship.  Too often, society and cinema demonise children having friendships with older men and I wanted to write something that showed how sometimes those relationships are not the horrible things we see on the news, but instead friendships which are mutually beneficial.  I wanted to show through the story my guiding principle, which is that humanity is inherently good.

I also wanted to work with three actors and wrote their parts with them in mind.  I had worked with them on previous projects and am thrilled they have all signed on!  I wanted to also use the location ‘Mack’s Track’ as I loved the vibe the place had and one of my actors worked there, so it seemed such an interesting place to film and I was so thrilled when the owner granted us permission to film there too!

I have a fantastic crew who I have worked with before on various other productions.  I am lucky to have such an experienced crew who are providing so much support for my directing debut.  My co director and co producer Lee Scott has been there from the very first draft and has been great to bounce ideas off and to get me up to speed with some of the technical knowledge in regards to directing which has been invaluable.  My DoP and husband Matt Sharp has not only been a great support, but has also brought a unique vision to the project which I am excited to see when we start filming.

As with most short film makers in New Zealand, we are raising money through PledgeMe to help this film become a reality.  If you would like to help us, please visit and pledge for some cool rewards.

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